Terms and Conditions

1 – Because it is a free event, the venues will be occupied in order of arrival until the capacity is completed, and places cannot be reserved beforehand. Each space will be completely evicted at the end of each show, to guarantee public access, freely and without preferences.
2 – Entrance with drinks from outside is not allowed.
3 – The entry of people who are intoxicated, narcotic, psychotropic, stimulants or similar substances is not allowed.
4 – The right of admission is reserved.
5 – The Organization is not responsible for the theft or loss of personal items in the spaces of the Festival.
1 – The Participants declare to be persons of legal age, who are in full use of their faculties and fully competent to participate in the Festival.
2 – The Participants declare that their works / presentations are original and do not imply plagiarism or misuse of any other work or presentation.
3 – Each Participant understands and accepts that their data / image can be published by Inter.Nos Festival in the following media and for the purposes of dissemination:
a) On the Inter.Nos Festival website
b) In the social network of Inter.Nos Festival (Facebook, Instagram)
4 – Each Participant accepts that the assembly and performance of their show must be adapted to the technical and spatial conditions of the Inter.Nos Festival venues. In no case may extra elements be required of those that the Festival venues have, and / or have been requested and accepted when presenting their project. If your show does not meet and accept these conditions, you may be excluded from our programming.
5 – As a Participant, you commit that your show/presentation will be adjusted to the duration specified in your request and, in no case may it exceed more time than indicated. You must understand that, been a Festival, any delay will harm its good development and the performance of another artist/s.
6 – Inter.Nos Festival is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of any element of any show. Please be attentive to them.
7 – The submission of the application implies the full reading and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
Applications will be evaluated and selected taking into account the following aspects:
1 – Total quality of the proposal.
2 – Relevance to the theme and objectives proposed by Inter.Nos Festival.
3 – Technical feasibility of assembly and realization in the spaces of Inter.Nos Festival.
4 – Proposals that present all the requested material will be eligible, within the stipulated time and form and that are in accordance with the objectives of Inter.Nos Festival. No application for participation that does not comply with the call process will be accepted.