Collaborators, Sponsors, Contributors, Supporters, Hosts, Subscribers:

Inter.Nos Festival 2020 will need your support in several areas of action, such as:
* Collaborator
(Spaces, Public Relations, Media, Press, Photography, Commercial Management, Stage Assistant, Catering Assistant, Access Controller, Graphics Designer, Hospitality Assistant, or another management areas)
* Sponsor
* Contributor
(catering, printed, presents, diffusion, others)
* Supporter
(You can support us contributing with a voluntary amount of money. In this way you will be contributing to Inter.Nos Festival being able to continue performing each year, increasing its dissemination and providing an expressive platform for artists. 
If you want to collaborate in a non-monetary way you will also be welcome, just let us know what your possibility of participation or contribution is and we will see the possibility of you becoming a collaborator.)
* Host
(to house artists in transit)
* Subscriber
(receive diffusion and news)
If you are interested in collaborating with us in any of these areas, you can complete your information in our Contact form in this web, so we can contact you in a timely manner, or send us a more detailed email to:
inter.nos.festival @ gmail. com